MALNUTRITION: Oil of a Burning World

According to UNICEF, nearly half of the total children around the world under the age of 5 die because of malnutrition. That is roughly about 3 million young minds we lose in a year. These figures seems to be even more depressing when we talk about malnutrition in India. India accounts for 20% of the total deaths of children under 5 years of age and out of which 50% of deaths are due to malnutrition. With 44% of children under 5 are underweight while 72% of infants have anaemia, malnutrition in India have taken its worst form. If no effective and efficient steps are taken in the very near future, this devil will burn the world from head to toes leaving nothing but the pile of deaths along with a dark world to live in.

Malnutrition is a condition which results from eating a diet in which nutrients are either not enough or are too much such that diet causes health problems. A good diet consist of adequate amount of carbs, vitamins, minerals and protein. All these are required for proper functioning of the human body. Absence of at least one of these starts damaging your body which refers to as malnutrition. It is sometimes referred as under nourishment. Malnutrition is sometimes referred to undernourishment as cases of over nourishment are very few in comparison. It is very much common in poor people especially poor children.

There are various reasons for an occurrence of malnutrition. The most prevalent of these are poverty and high food prices. For the developing nations (like Africa, China, India), these factors cause the majority of malnutrition cases to arise. Some other contributing factors are lack of awareness, people with chronic eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, people recovering after serious illness, loss of appetite, isolated people, people with bad eating habits, drug and alcohol addicts, people suffering from long lasting diseases and countless more factors.

Prevention is better than cure. Diseases are less money consuming, less time consuming with very few adverse effects on health with dealt at an early stage. This is evidently true for malnutrition too. In order to cure it at an early stage, it is a must to know the symptoms of malnutrition. The most common for all is the significant weight loss. Studies say that those who lose more than 10% of their body weight within 3 months without dieting can be malnourished. This is measured using BMI (Body Mass Index). Healthy BMI index for adults is typically in range from 18.5 to 24.9. Those with less than 18.5 are malnourished. Other symptoms are weakness of muscles, vulnerable to infections, prolong healing, dizziness, dry skin and dry hair, depression and fatigue throughout the day. With the right knowledge and right medical care malnutrition can be prevented long before it even become life threatening.

In diagnostic terms, it is one thing to have a disease and it is completely different to find it in body. My deaths occur because of not being able found out at the right time. Hence, diagnosis plays an important role in any disease. It tell us how severe a disease has affected your body. Accordingly the prescription is given by the doctors. The superficial diagnosis of malnutrition is BMI. BMI between 17 to 18.5 is mildly malnourished, between 16 to 17 is moderately malnourished and less than 16 is severely malnourished. Other factors are routine blood test which assess anaemia and other vitamin and mineral deficiencies. There may be dehydration, low blood sugar and signs of severe infection as is evident by raised while blood cell counts. In children, height and weight are measured with compared with the expected height and weight of the child at that age. The thing that should be noted here is if there is significant drop in the expected height and weight of the child then he/she may be malnourished. Routine blood tests in children include those for blood glucose, blood counts, and blood protein. Levels of iron in blood, folic acid and vitamin B 12 are also recommended.

Treatment of malnutrition depends on numerous factors. These include the severity of malnutrition, the underlying cause of the malnutrition, ability to feed oneself, and ability to eat and digest food normally. Also age, mental status and place of living of the patient is considered. Some of the treatments include supplements of mineral and vitamin. Therapists and physicians for those for have mental disorders or long term illness. Gradual increase in the content of carbs, protein, vitamin and minerals is advised.

Government has taken many initiatives to eradicate malnutrition from India. The schemes/programmes include the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), National Health Mission (NHM) etc. Even NGOs across India are working desperately to support government in this mission. But, these alone cannot achieve the objective. We, the citizen of this great country must lend our hands to support government and NGOs by anyway possible. By volunteering in NGOs, doctors providing free check-ups, food donation, organising awareness campaign, giving food, medicines, multivitamins in subsidised rates etc. we can help our country in eliminating this devil. Only by a shared cooperation among citizens, public and private institutes, we can dare to end malnutrition.
Let’s join our hands and give our future generation a dreamed and a comfortable India to live in…

Purchasing a New Automobile

Should you be considering the purchase of an automobile, there are some common traps that you will be smart to elude. Continue reading to find out how you can obtain the best deal from your bargaining.As you are dealing with a salesperson at an automobile dealership, you want to make certain that you maintain the position of control. Making sure that the salesperson is aware of the fact that you are looking solely for the best price with no regard for loyalty to any dealership should keep him off balance. You must drive the dialogue.As you affirm your place as the one controlling the negotiations, do not forget that the salesperson is not your buddy. Do not establish an amicable relationship with a salesperson until you have signed the forms and the deal is done. Up to that time, he is just representing the dealership in your particular business deal.

The salesperson surely will try to create a friendship with you since such a personal empathy will increase the probability that you will agree to unfavorable prices and terms. It is for this reason that you must maintain the relationship as a serious business transaction.Performing some research before you go to the dealership will help your bargaining position. Check the newspaper for advertisements showing prices for the automobile in which you are interested. You can also obtain good insight by finding the Kelly Bluebook value of the vehicle.Should you be determined to discover just exactly what the vehicle is going to cost, find several previous customers who purchased the automobile you want and examine the terms of their sales contracts. With this data, you can calculate the best cost for your automobile by contrasting baseline price plus the cost of add-ons.

Remember that the dealership needs your business more than you need the dealership! They cannot simply scare up another customer, but you certainly can locate another dealership should you not get satisfactory terms.Lastly, do best to exude confidence via your speech, actions and even your stance. Demonstrate to the salesperson that you have no self-doubt whatsoever, and he will not have the opportunity to use it against you. Do not forget that you are in charge! And never agree to buy the vehicle until such time as you are satisfied with both the vehicle and the terms of the sale.

A Brief Rundown of Scooters

A Quick Guide to Scooters

The scooter may be aberrant in abounding western countries, but it is the a lot of accepted one in abounding countries in the South East and Far East Asia. You do not alone biking with a scooter but you aswell accept fun. With scooters you can save added money in affairs and acclimation them which is abundant bigger than automobiles and motorcycles. The scooter’s admeasurement and bunched architecture makes it acceptable in agreement of accumulator and parking. You can calmly apprentice how to drive a scooter and you do not accept to anguish about accepting a driver’s authorization to drive one.

Scooters abide in abounding types and models, and you just accept to aces the appropriate one for you. The things you accept to accede in affairs a scooter are your account and the blazon of its usage.

All sorts of scooters

This advertisement includes the varieties of scooters. A scooter may abatement on two kinds.

First on the account is the gas motor scooter that can ability the accomplished speeds in allegory to the added varieties. Because of its baby engine; you can buy it at a low price. However, the ability it has requires a driver’s authorization clashing the added kinds of scooters.

The electric motor scooter is the blazon of scooter which can be the acknowledgment to the problems of attention the planet. If you accept a bound account again the electric powered scooter is for you because the gas scooter needs gas which is expensive. The best affair with an electric powered scooter is it does not afford adverse gasses.

Third in the account is the advancement scooter which is best for those who accept problems in affective about like those who are aged or physically challenged. For anyone who uses the advancement scooter, their movement and antithesis are strengthened. The said scooter is best for those who wish to do something abroad added than blockage put central the house.

The folding scooter is best for the kids and adolescence who wish to accept a scooter. The users will just accept to advance the scooter with their bottom to accretion momentum. What makes the folding scooter advantageous is its adequacy to be bankrupt into a container.

Fifth in the account is the scooter which is accessible in the busline central warehouses, factories, golf courses, and corporations. In the warehouse, this scooter is acclimated to carriage the abundant cargoes. Golfers accomplish use of the account scooter to go to addition area.

Sixth in the account is the skateboard scooter which is agnate to the folding scooter which requires blame from the foot. This scooter is a aggregate of a skateboard with four auto and a scooter. The skateboard scooter is arduous and you accept to accord all of your efforts to use it properly. The acceptable affair with the skateboard scooter is that it is bargain and convenient.

3 Benefits to Using Cloud Yoga Business Software for Your Yoga Studio

A Fictional Tale of Two Yoga Teachers:Wendy and John are each starting a yoga studio. They have their space, a website, and recently opened for business.They also chose to administer as much of their business as possible on computers (who doesn’t these days). They each have a laptop so they can be mobile, or so they think. They also have a desktop in their studio.Students are coming to their classes and they’re delighted by this. Yet, they both desire more students. Their business is in a growth stage.When not teaching classes and chatting with students, they’re on their computers taking care of the financial aspects, marketing, curriculum / class planning, and overall administration of their business.When they started, they weren’t sure the direction their business would take so they held off buying any specific business management software. Instead they used Word and Excel to take care of their software needs. So far their software set up is working okay, but they see the writing on the wall how something more sophisticated could save them time.Wendy and John go online to start looking at yoga business software options. They’re pleased that there’s a lot of options. Of course options mean making a decision.Wendy decides to go with a cloud computing software platform while John opts for an installation software option.Wendy’s option requires that she pay a monthly cost to use her software. John likes the fact he only pays one time for the software.Wendy logs into her software account through the Internet and sets up your software for your business. It takes a few days to get familiar with it, but within a week she has her software working for her with a class schedule set up and she’s put her student contact information into the database. She also set up her autoresponder email account and integrated it with your student contacts.John installed his software on both his laptop and desktop computer. He opted for no server and instead figured out how to network the two computers together so when a change is made in one computer it’s reflected in the other computer. He spent about a day getting his software installed and networked.

Like Wendy, he takes a few days inputting his student contact information and formatting his class schedule in the scheduling software. His email software is separate, but he’s managed to integrate it using an APP with his installation-based yoga business software.Fast forward 2 years. Both their yoga businesses are doing better than ever. Each of them hire 2 teachers to teach designated classes and a receptionist. This growth required more computers for their staff. Wendy, simply upgrades here software to add another user. Her staff simply logs into the software through the Internet.John buys another license and then goes through the installation process. Now he must network another computer. He’s read that using a server is a good idea, but has no idea how to set up a server. Given his business is growing, he decides to hire a networking consultant. After buying a dedicated server and paying networking consultant fees, John spent $1,500. His software also upgraded 6 months ago and so he paid $300 in upgrade fees.As their businesses grew, both Wendy and John started selling some retail items in their studio and on their website. They also discovered how effective email marketing is to student retention and growing their business. Wendy’s online software platform offered e-commerce, credit card processing, and integrated e-mail marketing software. She was able to set up her stores and beef up her e-mail marketing quickly.John leased credit card processing hardware, bought a license for e-commerce software and continues to use his original e-mail marketing software that’s integrated with his student contact database.At this point Wendy’s entire yoga business software is centralized and accessible over the Internet. John uses several software services that are installed and networked among his computers. As John’s business grows, his computing needs become more complex and he now has his networking consultant on speed-dial.He now budgets annually for computer consultant fees – something he never anticipated. He of course has heard about cloud software and is now interested in making the switch, but is reluctant given the amount he’s invested in his desktop installation software. He’s going to wait and see.Wendy pays a monthly fee for her service, but is pleased with how easy it is to add new users and grow her business with hardly an interruption in doing her core activities – which is teaching yoga and marketing her business. In fact, Wendy is considering opening another yoga studio knowing aside from finding and designing space, here business is easily duplicated at another location.John would love to expand to another location, but is concerned about the expense of expanding and managing his business so that all his business information integrates seamlessly between his multiple locations. He puts expansion on hold.About Cloud Computing SoftwareWhat is Cloud Computing Software?It’s software that’s hosted by the software company. When you sign up, you get an account and all your software is handled on the cloud – that is hosted and powered by the company’s servers – not your servers. You simply access it online.The biggest reason business owners are reluctant to use cloud computing is the ongoing cost. Most cloud computing software platforms charge monthly to use the service. This ongoing cost is understandably a concern, especially for new businesses. The last thing you want is to be committed to ongoing costs if at all possible avoided.However, when you look at the long-term of your business, and your software in particular, there’s ease-of-use and expansion to consider. With installation software you must always consider the upgrade costs and potential for paying consultants to maintain and grow your network. These unforeseen costs can be hefty in the long run.
3 Key Benefits to Using Cloud Software for Your Yoga Business Software

1. Access it AnywhereBecause it’s accessible over the Internet, you can access your entire software set up wherever you have an Internet connection (which is pretty much everywhere these days).2. Integrates it with your WebsitesA quality cloud software service for yoga studios makes it easy to update it simultaneously with your websites. For example, when you make changes to your class schedule, those changes are immediately reflected on your website where you post your class schedule. There’s no need to go into your website(s) and manually make the changes (assuming you remember to do this).Also, if you have e-commerce on your website selling gift certificates, yoga class packages, and perhaps gear and apparel, when you make pricing changes (or any changes) in your software, it’s immediately reflected in your website(s).3. No installation and networking costsThis is a biggie. Many business owners when starting out with buying software tend to undermine this. With cloud computing you don’t have to worry about installation and networking your software. As you can see from the above Tale of 2 Yoga Teachers, John’s software costs escalated beyond what he anticipated because of unforeseen consultant costs. This is common with specialized business installation software. Networking software among computers is not an easy task and usually requires an expert to do it well.Will your yoga business fail by not using cloud computing yoga business software? No, but it could make administration and growth more difficult.